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Color of democratic Election e. V.
All the same where in this world people are suppressed, and will stop to express her opinion freely, there we want to exert ourselves with our support.

Worldwide people are arrested, tormented, murdered even, only because they express her opinion. There are numerous executions, among the rest, from youngsters, not seldom without hearing. Illegitimate military states take away every fundamental right from the people.Political opponents are pursued by force.

Protests are knocked down. The freedom concept of the individualism and human dignity of the singles become by a totalitarian freedom concept substitutes. In spite of these obstacles, many people, organisations and groupings try to form a democratic world in which the people determine the government. A world in which the fundamental rights entitled to every person and the religion, political opinion, race, gender, sexual life and colour have no effect on it.We know that there is worldwide no perfect form of government, but in spite of all defects which also stick to the democracy there is till this day no form of government which is better likely to regulate the living together of the people than the democracy.To form these democratic movements even more intensely and more actually, we have sketched a plan with which all democratic groupings, people, organisations and parties are categorically integrated into a network. This network will become all Possibilities for the information exchange, a network the use of communication technologies and for events compulsory.

Our CODE inc. employees are honourary employees. We are completely independent and bound no party.Our board members are democrats who accept every political opinion and statement and deal only with the aim of the worldwide democratisation and the protection of the human rights.

If you liked to support our aims, we would be glad about your cooperation. Of course we are also glad about a small donation.

Our bank connection is announced to you shortly.

Summary of our aims:

We support all democratic movements worldwide.

Our aims in detail:
Should you be able to divide our opinion, we would be glad about your support very much.