European Parliament condemns Iranian regime for Execution and HR violations

European Parliamnt passed a resolution against Islamic republic of Iran and condemns them on Execution and suprision in Iran.

Mina Ahadi and Farshad Hosseini from the international committee Against Execution had some meeting with European parliament representatives in Brussels, on Thursday October 15, demanding MEP to condemn Islamic Republic of Iran because of their new wave of executions in Iran as well as Behnoud Shojaee and other juveniles execution, and especially the death sentence against five of participating in protests.

The resolution condemns the massive and excessive use of force, arbitrary arrests and possible torture to repress protest movements since Iran's controversial presidential election. MEPs ask that the International Committee of the Red Cross be permitted to see all prisoners, without exception.

MEPs reiterate their call for the death penalty to be abolished. (6). they condemn death sentences and executions in Iran, and in particular those passed or enforced on juvenile delinquents or minors. MEPs protest against the execution in Iran, on 11 October, of minor Behnood Shojaee, who was hanged in breach of recognized international legal guarantees in this area.

The resolution deplores the systematic restriction of freedom of information by blocking internet sites, which are prevented from reporting on unauthorized demonstrations, and the creation of new restrictions, which require journalists to obtain an authorization before reporting on any event. MEPs call for the immediate release of Fariba Pajooh, a young Iranian-Canadian journalist and celebrated blogger, who was arrested at home in Teheran on 24 August 2009.

Pressure to all international bodies as well as EU, EP, UN and others is part of our task and activities to protest the Iranian government. Iranian regime should not have any place in the world...