Speech on Quds day

Dear friends,

first do allow to thank you in the name of our association CODE, what is called into English "Color of Democratic Election", to all persons present and organizers of this event.

I am glad that we could create this event together with several organizations and groups in Berlin, in spite of many differences of opinion, to support the liberation movements in Iran.

About 30 years ago, after the so-called Islamic revolution in Iran, while the pursuit of the opinion opponents began, while the people were arrested, were tormented and were executed, the revolutionary leader ayatollah Khomeini called on all Muslims worldwide to show solidarity with the Muslims in Jerusalem.

The people were asked to go every year, by a certain day called GHODS (Al-Quds)-day on the streets and to demonstrate against Israel.

Of course we must exert ourselves for the rights of Palestinian. Of course we criticise the action of the Israeli government against the Palestinians. It is even our duty, to help and support all people of this world who strive for freedom.

However, this year the people went in Iran on the streets, not only for the rights of the Palestinians, but for her own freedom.

While a minority occupies Iran, it calls other occupying powers.

While the rule tyrannizes in Iran, own Iranian people, it wants to exert herself worldwide for people under printed.

Ladies and gentlemen,
After thirty years of tyranny, tortures, arrests, rapes and discrimination of own people, the Iranian regime has shown again after the manipulated presidency elections her true face to the world.

As people demonstrated peacefully against the known state manipulations of the presidency election results and went of the streets, the world was a witness of state power, homicides and executions.

Foreign media were expelled of the country, so that the true face of the crude regime remains concealed.

However, thanks of the modern telecommunication technologies the people of Iran have succeeded to bring the truth to the light.

The world was therefore a witness when the young student Neda was shot on the street. The world was a witness, as millions people went in Iran on the streets and shouted Down with the dictator.

Dear friends and female friends,
The Islamic republic of Iran, is neither Islamic, nor a republic. The Islamic republic of Iran is not the representation of the Iranian people. The regime is illegitimate for the Iranians and female Iranians.

Therefore is Mr. Ahmadinejad not to recognize as a president of the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad is not the president of Iran.

The people in Iran are peaceful, and never support the aggressive statements of the Iranian rulers compared with the world. The people in Iran are against hatred and tyranny.

The people in Iran want no war, they want the peace. They want no atom bomb, they want the freedom. They are against the dictatorship, they want the democracy. They do not want that one looks at them as terrorists because the occupying power in Iran promotes the terror, finally, they want acceptance and human dignity.

Hence, we request the international community, in particular the Federal Republic of Germany:
They will continue the opposition so long, until they have reached, finally, her aims, the freedom and democracy. In addition I must mention that we are strictly against a military solution against our country, Iran.

Ladies and gentlemen,
To support the topical liberation movements in Iran, many associations, groupings and people have got together during the last months to represent and to publish the voice of the people in Iran.

Let me please as a last the demands of our association to CODE inc. briefly enumerate:

The enumerated demands are nothing else than the demands of the people in Iran. We demand, that the international community, that you, show solidarity with the peaceful people in Iran. We hope that the day will come very soon in which it rules worldwide peace, freedom and equal rights. Only together with each other we can exert ourselves for this aim.

If you want to find out about our association, you can do it on our Internet site www.code-ev.org. We depend on your support.

Many thanks for your time and your attention.